cleveland, ohio | gordon square arts district

If I could draw up a foodie’s dream, it would be Brewnuts. Why? Because what more could you ask for in this life other than beer and donuts. Perfect duo if you ask me. Located in the heart of Gordon Square Arts District, Brewnuts is a storefront donut and beer bar. Yes I said that right. Eeek! Walk in on your way to work to grab a donut and coffee to go, go for happy hour after a long day’s work for a donut and beer or stop by for a date night to enjoy a sweet and a beverage. They close down for a few hours in the afternoon after the morning rush to prepare for the night timers. The coolest part about Brewnuts? The owners and everyone who works there. They.are.the.best- so down to earth and definitely value your service. They are the kind of people who like to get to know you. At Brewnuts, you never really know what is on the donut menu until the night before. And it is constantly changing. They also do a lot of collaborations with other local food/beverage spots such as an inspired beer donut with Platform Brewery. I like to keep things original so one of my favorites here is the classic glazed but I also love some of their specialties such as Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Champagne and Strawberry Sprinkle.

kelsey elizabeth cakes

avon lake, ohio & rocky river, ohio

This was the first bakery we were introduced to when we moved to the Cleveland area. I would say KEC is one of the most well-known bakeries in the area serving up made-from-scratch sweet treats such as cakes (KEC is known for wedding cakes!), assorted macarons, cream pie sandwiches, brownies and eclairs as well as other goodies. Originally located in Avon Lake, KEC recently opened a new location in Rocky River. You never need a reason to eat a sweet but it KEC is known for making unique treats for Mother’s/Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. I had a cake made for my sister; she shared her 30th birthday with me on my wedding day so as her Maid of Honor gift, we gave her the most delicious surprise: a KEC birthday cake at our wedding reception. It was a crowd favorite. Plan to go a few minutes before the doors open to wait in line but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

mason's creamery

cleveland, ohio | ohio city

First, let me start off by saying Mason’s Creamery wall is made up of dogs. So you can guess how much I love this place. At Mason’s Creamery, they make small batches of homemade ice cream by using only the highest quality ingredients. They have a variety of flavors ranging from classics, seasonal and vegan options. Another reason I love Mason’s Creamery is because they appreciate ideas from their customers and if it’s a flavor they can make, they will. Some of my favorite flavors: fruity pebbles, roasted banana, dunkaroos (relieving my childhood dream) and vanilla lavender. This place is cute. The flavors are one of a kind and the people treat you like family. What more can you ask for?

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