porco lounge & tiki room

cleveland, ohio | ohio city

The most tiki bar vibe you’ll experience in Cleveland. I feel like I should be wearing a Hawaiian button up shirt when I go here. Located in between Ohio City and Tremont, Porco Lounge is another hidden oasis of good times. As in, you will likely drive by it a few times before you finally realize that you’re there (it’s on the corner near Nestle). Also known for their cocktails and other spirits, it is a place you have to cross off on your Cleveland Bucket List. You go once, there’s a 99.9% chance you go back. Probably the place to go to on a Friday after work to kick start your weekend. They also offer food to enjoy while you’re sipping away.

the spotted owl

cleveland, ohio | tremont

If you want to drink a well-crafted cocktail in a space that allows for a really good conversation then go to the Spotted Owl. It is located in a historic space in Tremont and definitely has that speakeasy bar feel. What sets the Spotted Owl apart from other cocktail bars is their cocktail wheel (my favorite thing ever!). How it works: you get the board, you let the bartender know what you are feeling/your intentions for the mood for the night (e.g. to relax, reflect, regale or restore), then you tell them your taste profile. From there, you give all your trust to the bartender to make a unique cocktail specific to you. Very anxiety prone. I know. But have no fear, their cocktails ALWAYS come out amazing. It is my favorite place to go to for a drink before/after dinner or on a Friday night to unwind from the week.

velvet tango room

cleveland, ohio | ohio city

Velvet Tango Room is probably Cleveland’s favorite cocktail lounge and for good reason. Every cocktail is made fresh and from scratch. So you will wait a few minutes for your drink but if you get a chance to sit at the bar then you will be entertained and leave there with a lot of respect for those bartenders. And you may even be inspired to become one because that has happened to me before after a night here. Oh and the best part about Velvet? The live jazz music every night starting at 5:30 PM. It’s a great place to grab a drink for a date night, birthday, anniversary, job promotion, etc. etc. It’s also just a great place to go period. The vibe is definitely chill and the lighting sets the tone. Go here and you’ll add it to your top places to grab a drink. I promise.

Georgetown (patio)

lakewood, ohio

Georgetown’s patio is one of my favorite places to be in the warmer months for a happy hour drink. The food (primarily the happy hour menu and appetizers) deserves a spot in my favorite eats section but I thought this would be more appropriate. If you’ve never been to their patio for a happy hour, add it to your list. The patio is quite large with lights hanging from one end to the other. It is certainly an Instagram worthy patio when the sun is starting to go down and the lights are on! It also makes for a great private party event, or wedding venue!

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