collision bend brewing comapny

cleveland, ohio | flats east bank

Located on the banks of the Cuyahoga River in The Flats of Cleveland, Collision Bend Brewery Company is a brewery and full service restaurant with a lot of variety for all dietary preferences. Many of their foods are locally sourced which is also a huge plus. Local businesses supporting local businesses. I dig it. One of the main reasons I like Collision Bend is not necessarily for the beer or food (although both are certainly deserving of attention), rather the view. They have a large, waterfront patio where boats are able to pull up and dock off for a bite to eat. It is a great patio to people and boat watch on a nice day. If you get lucky enough to grab a seat on the patio along the water, take it in because it’s one of the best views and patios in the area. Beer drinker or not, this brewery is definitely worth a visit.

great lakes brewing company

cleveland, ohio | ohio city

It would probably be morally wrong if I didn’t mention Great Lakes Brewery when I talk about my favorite places for a drink in Cleveland. Like I may be disowned by the city if I didn’t mention this place. But no worries, I am putting this brewery on my list voluntarily because it does in fact live up to the hype. I mean who do you think the OGs of Christmas Ale is? Both brewpub/beer garden and brewhouse are located in the heart of Ohio City. One of my favorite things about the brewpub and beer garden is the setting. If you go to the brewpub and beer garden, make your way down to the basement. It is my favorite. In addition to their top rated beers, their food is also right up there. Locally sourced when able, Great Lakes offers a wide variety on their menu. Beer lover or not, you have to make your way here for the experience.

nobel beast brewing co.

cleveland, ohio

My husband and I accidentally found this brewery so I like to think of it as the perfect hidden gem. I mean things happen for a reason. Like us needing to have a beer in that moment, right? As their website says, they really do serve ridiculously delicious beer but their food is just as good. It is a single standing building located near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and FirstEnergy Stadium (aka outskirts of downtown Cleveland), which makes it super convenient to drink away your sorrows for them Browns. The brewery is an open-house warehouse concept so I definitely dig the vibes. Their small but super cute patio is also dog friendly. Also, great service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. So yeah basically, I can’t get enough of this brewery.

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